Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Whale watching third and last day

Whale Watching at Magdalena Bay (link, enlace, lien)

From Cabo San Lucas to Magdalena Bay is quite a ride, 500 Kms and back, 1000 in a day! Just to see whales, majestic gray whales! We spent 3 hours on a thrilling whale watching tour. At this time of the year whales come down from Alaska  and all over the world to the warmers water of Magdalena Bay to give birth and raise their young. Don't miss the newborn calf held by a mom on her back.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

sunset cruise and whales

Sunset and Whale Watching (link, enlace, lien)
We went for a sunset cruise and  we were lucky to see humpbacks jumping all around. Here goes few pics.
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Sunset and Whale Watching (link, enlace, lien)

Whale Watching, day 1

First Day of whale watching (link, enlace, lien)
All the way down to Baja California with the hope of having a real whale watching not like the ones we experienced living on the east coast of the US. Clear sky, calm sea, well a beautiful two and half hours morning at sea in front of us. Our Guide Albert, biologist, a young 30 years old Spanish from Barcelona, very rare to find european so far away from the old continent.
Few miles off shore the first sight of a humpback whale. The excitement was growing.

Well this was furtive.
We learnt few things about whale watching: to be patient, to have a fast boat and a captain who really put effort in finding whales. And of course not to forget luck on your side. We did saw whales (not as many as we were hoping) and more, dolphins, tortoise. Here goes my first experience of shooting whales. Not an easy exercise with a 100-400 mm lense in a moving boat. Here it goes.

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First Day of whale watching (link, enlace, lien)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Waves and more Waves

From the frozen Greenwich beach in Connecticut to the sunny beach of Los Cabos, Baja California, what a thermic choc!
This part of the Pacific is also called the sea of Cortés, known as The World's Aquarium and/or The World's greatest Fish Trap.
What first stroke me, walking down the 2 miles beach, was the sound, the strength and violence of the waves. Of course no one can get into the water. After watching them for a while I decided I would try to catch them in a way that I could transmit the sound and strengh of the backwash. Just drop me a comment to let me know you heard it. Hey don't drown yourself. :)

Waves (link, enlace, lien)

Enjoy the pics
Waves (link, enlace, lien)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

walk along the Greenwich sea shore (connecticut)

It's not every day that we see snow on the beach. This was a nice walk with our friend Ray on Feb 4th.
Enjoy the pics

snowy beach (link, enlace, lien)

snowy beach (link, enlace, lien)