Friday, August 5, 2011

What to pack or not to pack!

My good friend Gerry came back a week ago or so from Big Sur California where he spent a week on the windy coast roads. He wrote about it on his blog but mostly about what a Travel.Photographer has to pack and the fear of not having the right gear.
Below is my answer to him.
A Travel Photographer starts by packing the right gears for the job/mission with the needed accessories adjusting the absolute needed gears to the airline weight requirements. Check it twice is a good advice but in my case packing my photo bag is now second nature
True a Travel Photographer has to bring patience and curiosity for sure but, must research in order not to waste precious time on the road. This is particularly true in foreign countries and if you don't speak the language, local help is a must.
A travel photographer has to have the mind of a Boy Scout, always be ready.
A Travel Photographer on a mission doesn't sleep much.
And on.
But it is so good to be in the field!
Excellent photograph Gerry!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A weekend in the land of Don Quijote de La Mancha

Just few words on Campo de Criptana's photographs.
In our way to Campo de Criptana 7pm the light was absolutely beautiful. In La Mancha all roads are straight with rare curves. So six kilometers away we were in sight of the village and finally could see the hill with the windmills. Wow what a landscape! Except that a huge black cloud was covering the site. Somehow I was disappointed.
By the time we arrived get out of the car and wandering in the village, the cloud slowly broke and gave me a wonderful sky and light.