Thursday, November 13, 2014

invited at a Porsche dealer presentation in Drogenbos

PORSCHE (link, enlace, lien)
On Thursday we have been invited at a Porsche dealer presentation in Drogenbos, Brussels. They received us in a special new section the Porsche Classic where their offer maintenance for their old cars. 

BUT they were also proud to introduce the new Spider 918, the Porsche 1st hybrid car! But hold on, this car reaches 0 to 100km/H in 2.3 sec! Fuel consumption (combined): 3.1-3.0 l/100 km! of course not when racing but I guess you understood that :)

For more on tech details and videos visit the Porsche website, but if you don’t you have to witness the record-shattering lap of the new 918 Spyder  6 minutes 57 sec for 21km, on the famous Nordschleife ring in this video. speed record broken. 
To see the photographs of the event as usual click on the link above or below
PORSCHE (link, enlace, lien)